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Imprints. That's what words are

"Imprints. That’s what words are.
Imprinted on the winding roads of history, they mark the journey of a civilisation, step by step.
Marks left initially by goodness know who, they begin as shallow signs with sharp outlines, and point in an obvious direction, but as they are traced and retraced again and again, they become deeper, the edges blur, and the intention of the next step more vague.
Deeper, richer, more ambiguous: but not less inevitable. The words are traces that guide us, whatever the direction we are going. They lead us to other people, if we are capable of measuring them: each false step will push us further apart. They make us step back in time, if we stop to observe those words; some sink for kilometres into the past and gather customs lost long ago in the cracks and crevasses of the years: others offer refuge to the voices of the survivors of the bloody conquests of men.
Certains words however catapult us forward into the future. They are only lightly sketched marks, printed at speed and with the superficiality of our times where depth is believed to be unnecessary. We try to avoid these superficial marks, these prints of foreign feet, these digital imprints. But in the end, we are forced to follow them so as not to be left behind.
Certain pathways of words lead us back to our city. They crisscross a different Siracusa, no less deep than the hypogeums of the city, no less fascinating than its stones: this is the city of Siracusa where the temples rest upon reflection and columns of ideas reach up to support tomorrow: where statues are crystals of genius and the sea glistens with a thousand tales: where the theatre is alive and echoes with clear, fresh voices.
These pathways reveal new and surprising views - they all need discovering, they all need photographing.
Using your eyes
March 22, 2022

I am Water

Io sono Acqua. Vivo, mi muovo, genero vita dentro la vita. Sono antica dentro l’antichissimo, come il mondo che senza me non esisterebbe. Immagini e parole di Graziana Toscano.
December 28, 2021

The Mediterranean by Boat

« Le persone che sono venute a sedersi, giovani e vecchi, uomini e donne, non hanno in mano un libro né un lavoro di cucito, sono esseri umani senza nessuna preoccupazione all’infuori di quella di godersi l’ombra lasciando vagare lo sguardo sulla superficie scintillante del golfo» Georges Simenon
March 27, 2021

How to rediscover a Caravaggio

"The painting is a mosaic of fragments, but the fragments have such a force that they allow us, without weakening the body of the painting, to weave them together. Close-up they are clearly distinguishable, but render unity to the image." C. Brandi
January 24, 2021


Cesare Brandi writes about a visit to the site of Pantalica in Sicilia Mia, 1980
January 23, 2021

Goliarda Sapienza

«That strip of emerald green there, that is the sea of Africa» Goliarda Sapienza
January 23, 2021

Plato at Siracusa

Greek Siracusa saw the presence of many figures who were fundamental for the development of classical culture. Plato in his Seventh letter, wrote about his conflicting but fascinating relationship with the city of Siracusa.
November 30, 2020

The Coast of Siracusa

If we look over the long list of names of the coastline of Siracusa contained in the report Descrittione delle marine di tutto il regno di Sicilia, we can see that many of the names used today are the same as those used in the report drawn up in 1634.

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