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July 9, 2021


The sea above/the sea below; from the fight against art smuggling to contemporary art. An exhibition of twenty artists who work with the most diverse mediums, housed in a former watchtower standing on the rocks at Calabernardo, the most evocative part of Marina di Noto.
June 4, 2021


JUSU E SUSU - San Sebastiano Contemporary – Casa Bramante at Palazzolo Acreide didn’t let many days pass before turning the lights on again and opening its doors to the public after the difficult period of the pandemic. Two artists are showcased until June 13th 2021, Giuseppe Bombaci and Riikka Vainio.
February 3, 2021

Tecnoparco Archimede

Thanks to the vision and enthusiasm of Prof. Antonino Vittorio, in 2009 the Tecnoparco Archimede opened to the public, dedicated to science, culture and the history of the great genius of Siracusa, Archimedes.
January 26, 2021

Siracusa 3D Reborn

Siracusa 3D Reborn, is a virtual journey into the past , in seven languages. The film in stereoscopic 3D, to be watched using special glasses, gives visitors a memorable introduction to Greek Siracusa.

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