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"where many rays of the world's history meet"

"Wolfgang Goethe wrote that Sicily is at the centre of the prodigious, where the many rays of the world's history meet. My aspiration has always been to integrate and improve our historical knowledge, using archeological data alongside literary sources, to try to understand to which of these rays of the history of the world Goethe was alluding. I am convinced that the archeological data of the last one hundred years has profoundly enriched our understanding, and I believe that Siracusa is not only placed at the central point of convergence of these rays but is itself a source of their radiation."
Giuseppe Voza
Honorary Superintendent of Cultural Heritage at Siracusa

The Archeology of the City of Siracusa

The Archeology of the Province of Siracusa

February 5, 2021

Archeology in the Province of Siracusa

The polis of Siracusa was rich, populous, authoritative and at the centre of maritime and commercial trade-exchanges; with the support of cities like Akragas, Leontini e Kamarina, it aspired to be the unquestioned capital of the Mediterranean and lord over southern Italy because militarily, politically and culturally, it had already founded “Magna Sicilia”.