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Antonio Calbi
Siracusa, city of theatre, yesterday, today, tomorrow

Graziana Toscano
February 24, 2022
Antonio Calbitheatre, heart and mind
March 15, 2022
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Antonio Calbi

Siracusa, city of theatre; yesterday, today, tomorrow

Antonio Calbi, Sovrintendente of the INDA, the National Institute for Ancient Drama of Siracusa since 2018, describes himself as a simple observer, a passerby entrusted with the role of thinking while looking and doing by reasoning. During his career he has worked across the board, from editorial critique to cultural planning and artistic direction of important events, from the direction of public institutions for architecture to design. But essentially, he is a man of the theatre with a passion for making tradition and innovation combine.
“Theatre is a social art born of the first democracy and it's the great potential of this city - he stated after directing his first season at the Greek Theatre of Siracusa with a record of attendance and sales. With everyone's contribution, theatre could transform Siracusa, not only into the world capital of classical theatre in modern times, but also more generally, into the capital of culture". He tells us about it in this brief interview.