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Graziana Toscano

When theatre is inclusion
February 23, 2022
Antonio CalbiSiracusa, city of theatre, yesterday, today, tomorrow
March 15, 2022
All photos © Graziana Toscano

Graziana Toscano, photographer

Let’s say that I was born in the last month of the year, a specific year, 1969, which leaves the 1960s behind forever but is ready to give birth to a new decade. A year’s end dressed as a year’s beginning. It’s a bit like what I feel inside, a constant birth of things, thoughts, activities. Perhaps a perpetual motion.
Photography is my generator, the fire at which I warm myself, so that I can look at reality from right to left, from top to bottom, and especially obliquely. The lines, the straight ones, the diagonal ones, the horizontal ones and the details, the little ones, deprived of a voice.
My search is there, where the asymmetries have more value, and where an overlooked detail finds its expression, and together with the right angle, becoming essential to the context.

The mute lines

© Graziana Toscano