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Sandro Campagna

Tomás Saraceno
February 21, 2022
Maddalena Crippa
February 22, 2022
Ph. © Alessandro Campagna

Siracusa 2020, a passion that looks to the future.

In March 2020, at the height of the first phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Olympic games in Tokyo were officially cancelled. In the following month of July, the Italian National Waterpolo team didn’t fly to Japan but to Siracusa, where the coach Sandro Campagna brought the team for training.
This isn’t the first time this has happened as Sandro Campagna, an adopted Siracusano, loves the city truly, madly, deeply! As he tells us when we met him on that occasion, he considers it an ideal place to prepare big matches.
His heart-felt and passionate testimony expresses eloquently the deep stimuli the city and its inhabitants give to a man who is used to coming back after achieving every success around the world. But it also expresses his awareness that one must return to start looking to the future and to the next goal.