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Maurizio Formati

The Altar of Hieron II
April 21, 2021
Stefania Pennacchio
April 22, 2021
Ph. © Maurizio Formati

Maurizio Formati, photographer

"My name is Maurizio Formati, I was born in Milan in 1973 but have been living in Siracusa for nearly 40 years. I have always loved photography but only began to take this passion “seriously” after I grew up.I love the outdoors, to travel and to understand the history of the places I visit. These are in fact the reasons that I got involved with landscape photography. I love the warm light of the sun, the pastel colours of the early hours of the evening and walking through the winding streets of little towns where time seems to have stopped.
My scientific education brought me to examine this passion by studying the workings of a camera. Only later did I begin to read texts about photography and photographers, in order to understand the various photography and composition techniques.
My photos mostly tell the story of my homeland. A land rich in culture, traditions and marvellous places. As soon as I can, I try to reach the most remote areas of Sicily, my only objective being to visit a new place and take some pictures to promote Sicily’s beauty. Some of my photographs are shared on the region’s official social media accounts, on national and international magazines and by companies that associate their business with Sicily.
In January 2020 I had the honour and the luck of being chosen to show my photographs at “Siracusa In Mostra”, the first large collective exhibition that focuses on the beauties of Siracusa.
I collaborate with a French magazine that works with tourism and trips in Italy providing them with photographs and writing some articles on the most beautiful but often least visited areas of Sicily.
I am lucky enough to live in Siracusa, a city that offers great opportunities from a photographer’s point of view. I like to think that someone may decide to take a trip to Siracusa or Sicily after seeing my photographs.
For a couple of years now I have also worked on interior photography; my clients are mainly hotels and accommodation that believe it is important to take care of this aspect with professional photographs."


© Maurizio Formati