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Franca Centaro

Marcello Bianca
April 17, 2021
“Discarded territories and landscapes”
April 17, 2021
All photos © Franca Centaro

Franca Centaro, photographer

Roman by birth, in 1968 she moved to Siracusa where she currently lives. Her love for photography is inherited from her father Orazio, a portrait photographer. In 2010 she begins to collaborate with the Fondazione INDA as a set photographer for the classical plays in the Greek Theatre of Siracusa.
The key to her work is the search for sentiments, for the passions that the intense gazes communicate on the stage and backstage.
Her photographs have been published by local and international news mediums such as Vanity fair, Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, Il Sole 24ore, Rumor(s)cena, Sipario, L’Opera Theatre Journal, The Oresteia (Norton Critical Edition).
She has participated in numerous personal and collective shows and her work is present in the Catalogo Premio Internazionale Paolo Levi of 2017 and the Catalogo dell’Arte Moderna 2018 published by the Editor Giorgio Mondadori.

©Franca Centaro per Archivio Fondazione INDA, Siracusa