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Daniele Aliffi

The Mouseion of Siracusa
April 14, 2021
Giuseppe Voza – a manifesto
April 15, 2021
All photos © Daniele Aliffi

Daniele Aliffi, photographer

He was born in Siracusa in 1960. He interrupts his university studies to follow his passion for photography and filmmaking (the cause of this love was the Comet II Bencini that he received for his birthday), establishing “Mela Film” with a group of friends with whom he shoots a documentary in Lebanon and photographic services in Turkey and Tunisia.
In 1985 he opens the “Studio Reporter”, working continuously as a photographer for the Sicilian newspapers of La Sicilia, Gazzetta del Sud, Giornale di Sicilia and on some occasions with Repubblica, Corsera, La Domenica del Corriere, Europeo, Espresso, Panorama and other newspapers.
Then he begins to collaborate with publishing houses such as Sellerio, Electa, Emarom, Lombardi Editore, Morrone Editore, etc. and most recently on I Nodi della Tutela in 2015 and Stemmi e Blasoni di Siracusa published by Tyche. He works on photo shoots and makes brochures for the main industries present in the area of Siracusa. Since 1984 he has worked with INDA on photo shoots of the classical plays in the Greek Theatre of Siracusa and Segesta to be used in their official brochures. He participates in group exhibitions regarding social issues.
Since 1995 he has been working for the Soprintendenza BB CC AA of Siracusa.

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© Daniele Aliffi