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February 6, 2021
The Hyblean agricultural landscape
February 8, 2021
February 6, 2021
The Hyblean agricultural landscape
February 8, 2021
Ph. © Eliseo Lupo

The City of Siracusa

"… so we go to Siracusa, city 'fatale', city of destiny, as Greek as Greece, still marvellous despite the building eyesores. And who hasn't felt happy all of a sudden as they stroll round the old city of Ortigia, blooming with mullioned windows as slender as lily-stalks, and then with papyrus plants in the Fountain of Aretusa?
Nothing spectacular: a walk raised above the sea, a walk with the poets, and in the distance, the magical Fountain, so simple, a fountain with those strange fan-shapes of the papyrus, like green hair. Yet in Egypt where they came from, the papyrus is no more, it no longer grows, and here in a replacement habitat, they are beautiful, flourishing, a very symbol of the written word, a vehicle of history and poetry.
Then there is the theatre, so famous yet never disappointing, and Castello Eurialo, a country walk, between olive trees and cypresses, and in the distance the sea and unfortunately also industrial plants, which could have been put elsewhere so as not to disturb this pastoral serenity, this place of eclogues and idylls; here we might say that Theocritus walked; here if you listen very carefully, you can still hear the chattering of the Syracusan girls.
Here too, at Siracusa, Caravaggio disembarked as a fugitive from Malta, and left a masterpiece, the first of a series of Sicilian paintings which time ruined and that the Istituto Centrale di Restauro has now restored."
Cesare Brandi, da Sicilia mia, 1989
April 22, 2022

The Culture of Beauty

L’ospitalità greca ha lasciato testimonianza di sé non solo nei libri di storia e nei manuali di archeologia ma anche nell’arte, nelle architetture ovunque i greci siano arrivati. Fu così a Siracusa - prima comunità greca indipendente d’occidente - e così è ancora dopo ventisette secoli.
April 7, 2022

Premio Vittorini

PREMIO VITTORINI: Onorare la memoria di uno dei figli più illustri di Siracusa, qual è Elio Vittorini, è una tappa decisiva lungo un percorso di virtuoso sviluppo del territorio che non corre più all’ombra delle ciminiere ma deve scommettere su un’industria della cultura.
February 16, 2022

The Historic Gardens of Siracusa

Despite the current interest in Italian gardens and villas and the profusion of compendious writings on them, the gardens of the Italian South and of the islands, with the exception of those in Palermo, remain still in the shadows. This is especially true for the gardens of Siracusa.
February 14, 2022

The statue of the dying Saint Lucy

The statue of Saint Lucy exemplifies delicacy and harmony; the saint is reclining on her right side on two high cushions, with her left hand falling naturally near her belly. Her face expresses serenity during her passage from life to death, at the meeting with God.
February 11, 2022

The Chapel of the Sepulchre of S. Lucia

Il tempietto ottagonale del Sepolcro di S. Lucia emerge dal piano della piazza e invita il visitatore ad avvicinarsi per scoprirne la bellezza dell’architettura. Ciò che appare allo sguardo del visitatore è una struttura dal tipico stile barocco, caratterizzato da paraste che incorniciano i due portali e le nicchie dalle forti linee aggettanti che creano piacevoli contrasti di chiaroscuro.