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Tecnoparco Archimede

Castello Eurialo
February 1, 2021
Archeology in the Province of Siracusa
February 5, 2021
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The Tecnoparco Archimede

Not far from the monumental Park of Neapolis, where the great genius Archimedes may well have lived and worked, you can visit the Tecnoparco Archimede, one of the best-known cultural sites of the city and well-known internationally.
It was created in 2006 by Professor Antonino Vittorio, teacher of mathematics and science in the science high schools of Siracusa, thanks to his passion for culture, architecture, research and the history of Archimedes; he curates the project and guarantees its funding.
Professor Vittorio, an enthusiast of the toponymy of Siracusa, of science and technology who has published numerous writings, has always had a dream; the desire to plan and contribute to the construction of a Domus Archimedea. On the 9th of July 2009 his dream comes true and the Tecnoparco Archimede is inaugurated.
Together with his daughter who oversees the project design and the works, he creates a truly unique place where you can admire full-size, working war machines, made of wood and with details in wrought iron, created by the skillful hands of a local craftsman, Mastro Luciano with the help of Jalilu, originally from Togo. The project of the park’s creation, initially hindered by the logics of local politics, also has a social aspect and includes the inclusion of socially fragile people who need an opportunity in the world of work.
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In the wonderful open-air park-museum, many autochthonous plants have been planted, which school groups and visitors appreciate for their typically Mediterranean scents and colours. Visitors are accompanied by specialist guides who have been carefully chosen by the Tecnoparco management and trained to transmit their knowledge, culture and enthusiasm.
The Tecnoparco Archimede has been awarded various prizes and awards, such as the prize for legality from the IRCAC, it hosted the congress of the National Centre for Nuclear Physics (INFN) - the southern laboratories, that held activities of observation of the sky. Many national and international TV channels have filmed the park, including NHK Japan, TFN France, RAI, HELLENICH TV Greece, KOREAN TV South Corea, TVE Spain, BBC United Kingdom, ZDF Germany, CineCittà3 Italy, Radio24, Sveriges Radio Sweden, National Geographic USA.
Italian programmes which have featured the Tecnoparco include Voyager, Linea verde life, Bellissima Italia, Linea verde. Countless reviews can be found on the most famous Web search engines and in the tourism field, with many also in papers, magazines and national and international guidebooks.
To meet the needs of our visitors, we have recently applied modern technology, programmed by young professionals from the city, to recreate the defence of Siracusa in 240BC using virtual reality and modern RV visors. In order to overcome the limits imposed by Covid-19, the same programmers have created an interactive virtual tour of the Tecnoparco for school groups and families who can’t come in person.
We organise scientific workshops for school pupils of various ages and projects for work experience. Every year we celebrate “Greek Pi day”, and on Summer evenings we hold a theatre festival called “La Tavoletta di Archimede”. We organise “Greek Workshops”, Greek meals, the “Games of Archimedes” and much more…!
Gennaio 2021

Ha studiato storia e conservazione dei beni architettonici e ambientali e si è specializzata turismo culturale per lo sviluppo dei territori. Coltiva una grande passione per Archimede, per la storia delle scienze e della tecnica, per Siracusa. Ha fondato e dirige il Tecnoparco Archimede.